I've been around on the internet ever since I created my site entitled Anime Paradise (no longer online). In August 2002, I started building it on MSN Groups. Of course this wasn't the brightest idea considering I had to reject everyone who tried to be a member because I wanted to create the site on my own (you see the groups were meant to be.. groups). After getting tired of that, I finally moved over to GeoCities. I stayed there for a bit, but then I got really annoyed with the constant ads. So I set out to find a free host, because my young self had no money to buy things of her own. I finally got hosted with Naomi of Chi-Tenshi.com (which no longer exists). After domain troubles there, I moved to Kuroteikuu's domain at Fatal-Elements.net. I had a long and happy stay at his domain, which was later renamed to Ayamari.net. In March 2007, I found out that the domain had expired and he was not going to renew it, and shortly after the amazing Gali bought me my beloved Soul-Eater.org! After a lovely 5 years there, I bought myself this new domain, Soul-Kissed.org and the ever-so-kind Mitzrael is hosting me!

Celestial Tennyo, my Ayashi no Ceres shrine (temporarily offline) was first on GeoCities, but then Wethril of Freezing-Kiss.net (now Iyashi-Teni.net) kindly invited me over to her domain. As for my fanlistings, they were hosted in various locations, including Freewebs, Sleeping-Spirit.org, Lunar-Petals.net, Ignited-Meteor.net, Dokkasou.net (now Rainawhile.net), and Xemnas.net. I'm extremely grateful to all of these people for their kindness and support over the years - without you all this would not have been possible. Thank you so much! ♥