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Passion: Passion has been updated to reflect that Magnetic Depth now has a new home.


Magnetic Depth: Adopted out.


Passion: I updated to reflect that Blossom Girl is now closed. I also cleaned some outdated links.


Save Point: I updated to add Blossom Girl's members list.


Blossom Girl: Closed.


Absolute Dreamscape: After a decade (!), it finally has a new layout! It features Sora.


Ad Principium: I added 34 new birthdays.


Seduction: Seduction (my TCG collective) has been closed, both because I was inactive and because the only TCG I used to play no longer exists.


Soul Kissed: I cleaned some links.


Ad Principium: I added 73 new birthdays, all from One Piece. Yes, I finally started that backlog! Only like, 200 more to go!


Passion: Passion has been updated to add Heartfelt, the fanlisting for Izumi & Mizuki from HanaKimi.


Heartfelt: The lovely Kris (grey-street.net) is letting me adopt my sole remaining wishlister, the fanlisting for Izumi & Mizuki from HanaKimi! ^_^ Please welcome Heartfelt :)


Ad Principium: I added 49 new birthdays featuring Card Captor Sakura, Hayate no Gotoku, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, and Tottoko Hamutaro.


Ad Principium: I added 41 new birthdays featuring Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, Kodomo no Omocha, and Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai.


Ad Principium: I added 63 new birthdays featuring Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VIII, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Hayate no Gotoku, and Mai-HiME.


Ad Principium: I added 111 new birthdays featuring Di Gi Charat, Groove Adventure Rave, and Saint Seiya.


Sotto il Sole: I added new layouts and a couple new codes. The layout you see depends on when you visit the site. ^_^


Paragon: I made a new layout, and because I didn't want to remove Shaza's original layout I turned them into skins. This new layout is pretty simple and hopefully a bit amusing :D I also cleaned up the affiliates and rewrote the Shanks page.


Ad Principium: 60 new birthdays from Angelique, Comic Party, and Lucky Star.


Ad Principium: I added 62 new birthdays from Tenkuu no Escaflowne, Cyborg 009, and Gakuen Alice.


Ad Principium: I added 47 new birthdays, bringing the total count past 400! This round's additions mainly include Tenchi Muyo, Yuugiou, some Bleach, and various mangaka, seiyuu, and musicians.


Ad Principium: I added 35 new birthdays from Kanon, Chobits, and Evangelion.


Ad Principium: I added 12 new birthdays. ...I should probably start holding these for larger batches ^^;;;


Ad Principium: I suffered from cute aggression during this update. I added 26 new birthdays, all from Hamutaro.


Passion : I updated the KIM list.


Ad Principium: I added 11 birthdays.


Scarlet Nocturne: Today I am finally reopening my Ayashi no Ceres site because *drum roll* I was approved for the fanlisting! Well, I say that, but the shrine part still needs a lot of work. ^^;; Regardless, I am very excited to get a wishlister. Please welcome Scarlet Nocturne!


Passion: I updated to add Scarlet Nocturne, the fanlisting for Ayashi no Ceres.


Blossom Girl: I revamped with a new layout and interview.


Ad Principium: I added 9 new birthdays.


Passion: I updated to reflect that Spirited (Estefania fanlisting) is now closed.


Save Point: I added the members list for the Estefania fanlisting.


Spirited: Closed.


Ad Principium: I added 21 new birthdays.


Ad Principium: I added 14 new birthdays.


Ad Principium: I added 9 new birthdays.


Ad Principium: I added 15 new characters, mostly from Groove Adventure Rave.


Passion: I updated to reflect that Raining Solace (Hirai Ken: Miracles fanlisting) is now closed. I also cleaned up the KIM list of any names that didn't have active sites.


Save Point: Save Point has been updated with a new addition, the members list for the Hirai Ken: Miracles fanlisting.


Soul Kissed: I added a new site to the network: Ad Principium.


Ad Principium: This is a new site! It features birthdays of various characters and people. It's actually been in progress for awhile but I finally got around to uploading it now. Gathering info for it is ongoing - for the most part I collect it while I read manga. I have quite a long list of names pending (so many characters in shounen series!) and I'll do my best to update. There are currently 200+ birthdays listed so I think it's a decent start. Enjoy! :)


Passion: I updated to reflect that Spellbound (The Wanted fanlisting) is now closed.


Save Point: I updated with a claimed list and a new addition (The Wanted fanlisting).


Passion: I cleaned up affiliates and updated the KIM list.


Save Point: I cleared an old claimed addition and a new addition has been added.


Volume: Please welcome Volume, the fanlisting for Changmin! He is my beloved favorite musician and I am thrilled to own his fanlisting! Please join if you're a fan~ About the layout - I had wanted to use that image of him for a long time, and I'm glad I finally could :D Enjoy his gorgeous shirtless self ;)


Passion: I updated to add Volume, the fanlisting for Changmin.


Diamond in the Desert: The lovely Jen of Pirate-Queen.net has graciously donated her old members list (66 members!) for Glory ~Kimi ga Iru Kara~! Thank you so much Jen ^_^


Passion: I updated with my latest addition, Shanks (i.e. he has a shiny little pic now lol). I've also cleaned up the KIM list. If a name is unlinked that means I don't know where the owner's new domain is... so many people gone. :(


Paragon: I updated with some codes. I'm still working on the layout - almost there!


Save Point: I updated with a new submission.


Save Point: It now has a new layout! It was fun making the header. It's hard to tell from the end result, but it started off as just rows of my fanlisting codes. XD I hope the text colors aren't too light - I wanted to make them soft and easy to read. I hope that with the new layout and some more promo around the community, more people will be interested in the site :)


Save Point: It has received a structural makeover. Lists are now in tables so they should be much easier to read. I've decided to include a column for the donator's name, so I'll be emailing previous donators to see if they would like their name listed (otherwise I'll leave them as anonymous). I'm also trying my best to simplify the rules so that they aren't as long. A visual makeover will follow once I get time to make a layout.


Soul Kissed: Soul-Kissed.org finally debuts! The first layout features Riku looking awesome as usual. I hope you all like it too. :D


Save Point: I updated with several new submissions and split the list page (one for each network) so it should be easier to read now. :)


Paragon: I present to you my latest fanlisting: Paragon, the fanlisting for One Piece's Shanks. Many thanks to Shaza for adopting him out to me <3 At her request, and much to my joy, I have kept her super cool layout. In the interest of saving time I simply put hers up but please look forward to my own layout that I will be adding as a skin :D I will also add my codes and content at that time. I'm aiming for this weekend!


Passion: I updated to add Paragon, the fanlisting for One Piece's Shanks.


Passion: I updated with my fanlisting for The Wanted, Spellbound.


Soul Kissed: I have put up a temporary page at Soul-Kissed.org. It includes affiliates and a button to link back with. My Ayashi no Ceres shrine was previously static and in desperate need of a revamp so I will leave it offline for now. The domain and contact page layouts are in progress now.


Soul Kissed: I moved the following sites to the new domain: Seduction (TCG collective) Contact page (temporary)


Soul Kissed: I moved the following sites to the new domain: Utabaka no Kisu (Hirai Ken fanlisting + fansite) Eclipsed (D.N.Angel: Dark Mousy fanlisting) Blossom Girl (Espo fanlisting) Silver Bullet (Detective Conan: Akai Shuichi fanlisting) The Price of Love (Zettai Kareshi: Tenjo Night & Izawa Riiko fanlisting) Masquerade (Skip Beat!: Tsuruga Ren fanlisting) Royal Beauty (One Piece: Nefertari Vivi fanlisting) Passion (Fanlisting collective) Save Point (Fanlisting members list repository) More to come tomorrow...


Utabaka no Kisu: New URL! I'll be chipping away at my backlog at this site slowly. I am working on a new layout so please look forward to that :)


Soul Kissed: Continuing onward! I moved the following sites to the new domain: Elysian Grace (Watase Yuu fanlisting) Diamond in the Desert (One Piece: Glory ~Kimi ga Iru Kara~ fanlisting) Magnetic Depth (Konishi Katsuyuki fanlisting) Antiquity (D.N.Angel: Niwa Kosuke fanlisting) Raining Solace (Hirai Ken: Miracles fanlisting) Suspended in Time (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Inner Universe fanlisting) Oblivion (Kingdom Hearts: Riku fanlisting + shrine) Wings of the Heart (Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean fanlisting) Phase Shift (Star Ocean III: Till the End of Time: Maria Traydor)


Soul Kissed: Sadly, it's time to say goodbye to Soul-Eater.org. It's been a great 5 years, and I am very thankful to Gali (byaren.org) for hosting me all this time. Now I present to you my new domain: Soul-Kissed.org: the Aurora Spiritalis Organization. The lovely Mitzrael is hosting me - thank you so much Mitz! <3 I'm still in the process of moving sites over. I am starting with my fanlistings, and going in the order that I first opened them. Here is the first batch: Dreamy (Ayashi no Ceres: Alexander O. Howell fanlisting) Zeal (Kingdom Hearts: Axel fanlisting + shrine under reconstruction) Vitality (Ayashi no Ceres: Aogiri Suzumi fanlisting) Absolute Dreamscape (Kingdom Hearts/Utada Hikaru: Simple and Clean -PLANITb Remix- fanlisting) Sotto il Sole (Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Islands fanlisting) For a Moment (Imadoki!: Kugyou Youji fanlisting) Aiyoku (Ayashi no Ceres: Touya fanlisting + shrine under reconstruction) Drive Your Life (Bleach/UVERworld: D-tecnoLife fanlisting) Stained Glass (Kingdom Hearts/Utada Hikaru: Hikari -PLANITb Remix- fanlisting) Spirited (Estefania fanlisting) I'll be sending out moved emails to members and affiliates once all fanlistings are back online.


Royal Beauty: Please welcome my newest fanlisting, Royal Beauty! It's for the ever-lovely Vivi from One Piece :) Do join if you are a fan!


Passion: I updated to add Royal Beauty, my fanlisting for Vivi from One Piece.


Save Point: I updated with a new submission!


Suspended in Time: It has gotten a much-needed makeover. That shot of Motoko is so cool :D


Anime Paradise: I officially closed it T_T I will be opening two new sites that recycle some of its content so please look forward to that.


Save Point: I updated with a couple of new entries and a new link.


Passion: This is getting cleaned up a bit more. I've updated the KIM list and removed any affiliates that were dead links. I've also been slowly updating my joined fanlistings list - removing ones that don't exist anymore, updating links, rejoining when needed, and adding new ones! Such fun :D


Dreamy: I updated with a new layout. :)


Vitality: I updated with a new layout! It was definitely overdue for a change, and I really like the new look :)


Zeal: I cleaned up the fanlisting affiliates.


Passion: Dork Style (Miyano Mamoru) has been adopted out to Kanki (fuujin.org), so Passion has been updated accordingly.


Oblivion: Narriman is ever so kindly letting me adopt the TFL-listed game fanlisting for Riku! I can't even begin to describe how happy this makes me - my number one wishlist!! As such, Oblivion is being updated to have more codes and members :D


Passion: I updated so Riku's fanlisting also appears in the Game Characters category. I've also edited my wishlist a little.


Masquerade: It's finally ready for its debut! This is the fanlisting for Tsuruga Ren of Skip Beat!. I moved him to a subdomain, gave him a new layout/name, and added some more codes. This also means that Soul-eater.org has been updated with his link. I fought an awful block to make that layout so I hope it looks good! :)


Passion: I updated to reflect that Daybreak's Gate (FictionJunction YUUKA) has been closed.


Diamond in the Desert: I updated with a code donation.


Passion: I updated to reflect that Zephyr (Air: Tori no Uta) has been adopted out to Jessica (fantasy-skies.net).


Oblivion: This is next in line on Project Elements, so Soul-eater.org has been updated accordingly. I realize that the content hasn't been fully revamped yet but that will have to be a work in progress as I replay the games to get more info (my memory can't hold every detail, sadly). At the very least now the shrine and fanlisting have been properly merged into one layout for ease of access, though the URLs will remain the same.


Magnetic Depth: I updated the about page (a little - it's not meant to be a complete list anyway).


Oblivion: I removed the guestbook because it was getting too much spam.


Passion: I've started going through and updating/cleaning my joined fanlistings. What a task! :)


Save Point: I updated and there are now 54 lists stored there.


Passion: I did a bit of cleaning on the links, KIM list, and wishlist.


Soul Eater: I bring forth my first creation in many months: Soul-eater.org version 7. I was trying to go with the season and make it wintery so I hope it gives off that feel :) It's quite simplistic but I didn't want to go crazy on it, that's what my other sites are for. ;D I've cleaned up the links and added which elements will be featured on each site. In case you haven't figured it out, the gray heart means that site hasn't been revamped yet. There are also two mystery projects that will be unveiled when they are ready ^^


Anime Paradise: I finally updated! Exciting stuff. I added new icons, quotes, and birthdays. It's not all detailed in the update over there as I added some things the next day. More coming soon! I've been thinking about AP lately, and I honestly think I'm going to suck it up and rename the site. I'm still really attached to the name but "Anime" isn't all that the site has to offer anymore. It's misleading and I don't like that. I still want to keep the AP abbreviation so I'll see what I can come up with (hey, compromise is better than nothing).


Save Point: This is getting a great welcome, I'm so happy! :D It's already got 42 lists (and counting).


Save Point: I'm proud to announce the launch of one of my new projects - Save Point, a fanlisting members list repository. Its layout represents wind in my network-wide layout project. It was hard to represent that but hopefully it gives off that feel? I didn't want to use any characters or subjects since anything and everything is relevant. Its paired layout is earth, though it has yet to be completed. It will be released later this week! :)


Passion: It has a new layout to kick off my network-wide layout project. It now has shiny new buttons on the owned page. I've also fixed up the wishlist (so tiny now!) and cleaned up the KIM list and links pages.


Seduction : It has a new layout to kick off my network-wide layout project. It hasn't had any content updated due to Divinity (the only TCG I joined) being on hiatus. As such it has a much simpler design than its counterpart, but I hope it is still enjoyable nonetheless. :)


Soul Eater: I've finished the domain layout! Soul-eater.org has a new, simplified look to place more emphasis on the sites themselves. As you can see, only two of the sites have been revamped, and the rest will follow soon. There are a couple new sites in there as well! ;) The theme between the network-wide project is "elements". I use the term loosely, don't sue me :P Each layout will feature a different element, and it will have an opposite. For example, the first duo is the sun and the moon. Anyway, I hope you all like it and look forward to future updates! :D


Vitality: Vitality has been adopted back from Shiori. ^_^ A new layout will come once my layout block has passed. :(


The Price of Love: A brand new addition to my fanlisting collection: The Price of Love, for Night & Riiko of Zekkare. Excuse me while I squee: dkljgdkljg <3 <3 <3. That layout was made during a layout block, so it will change sometime in the future too.


Passion: I updated to re-add Vitality and to add The Price of Love, the fanlisting for Night & Riiko of Zettai Kareshi.


Drive Your Life: It just got a new layout and new codes in celebration of being crosslisted to TAFL! :D


Silver Bullet: Silver Bullet is the latest addition to my horde of fanlistings. That is layout attempt #3, as I've been suffering from a serious block. :(


Passion: I updated to add the fanlisting for Akai Shuichi.


Utabaka no Kisu: I updated with two new avatars and some minor things here and there. It's not much but I had to do at least something - his birthday just went by! I feel so guilty :( Come quickly May so I can make bigger updates!


Anime Paradise: The Birthday section has been updated. There are now over 200 subjects listed there! :D


Raining Solace: It has finally moved to the Ken subdomain.


Blossom Girl: I adopted the fanlisting for Espo (fractured-memories.net/keyofdestiny.org) from Sei: Blossom Girl! :D It was my first design since August so I've gotten a little rusty, but at least Espochi likes it~


Passion: I updated to add Espo's fanlisting.


Elysian Grace: It gets the first part of its revamp with a new Fushigi Yuugi skin. This time we have the ever-gorgeous Nuriko. Two more skins and new content will come up eventually, so there's much more to look forward to. :)


Soul Eater: Soul-Eater.org finally has a new layout! I went back to Riku for this one. <3 The layout took a bit of fighting, but I like how it turned out. I stripped down the Sites and Affiliates pages because I was tired of seeing text everywhere. It's all self-explanatory anyway, right? That could just be my laziness talking, haha. Link exchanges are always welcome. Affiliation is only open to people I know, but if you're one of those please don't hesitate to ask!


Anime Paradise: I added a total of 12 new icons to this, which hasn't had a sign of life in far too long. T_T


Zeal: It finally has a new layout! I've also added icons and temporarily taken down the shrine section.


Aiyoku: It got a much-overdue new layout. I've stripped it of its shrine and media sections for now to focus on revamping them - they probably need it the most out of all of my sites. >_<;; The site's coding got an upgrade as well, so if you see any broken links or errors please let me know. That's all for today, hope you like it~


Eclipsed: I added 8 new codes.


Seduction: I finally updated. I deleted all pending trades up until the month of July because I figured people would not be interested in trading anymore. Also played all the games and got a ton of new cards. I'm only 5 away from mastering Touya now! :D


Eclipsed: Two months after its opening, this gets a new layout because the first one was far too hideous. I think it came out pretty good, especially considering I haven't made anything in a really long time. :)


Phase Shift: Opened.


Wings of the Heart: Opened.


Utabaka no Kisu: Utabaka no Kisu has been launched! Please feel free to send in feedback, either through the guestbook or by email. Suggestions to improve the quality of this growing fansite are much appreciated!


Antiquity: Opened.


Magnetic Depth: Opened.


Spirited: Opened.


Oblivion: Opened Oblivion, a shrine for Riku from Kingdom Hearts.


Stained Glass: Opened.


For a Moment: Opened.


Celestial Tennyo: Opened Celestial Tennyo, an Ayashi no Ceres shrine.


Anime Paradise: Opened Anime Paradise, a fansite for multiple anime/manga/games.