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Nefertari Vivi is the young princess of the sand kingdom of Alabasta, which is ruled by her benevolent father, Nefertari Cobra. The Mugiwara crew first encounters Vivi while she is assuming the alias of Miss Wednesday. They soon learn that Miss Wednesday is part of the criminal organization known as Baroque Works. Once her cover is blown, Vivi is saved by the crew. She explains to them that she was infiltrating the organization to find out who their leader was, as he is attempting to overthrow her homeland. She finds out that he is Crocodile, a member of the Shichibukai. After telling that story to the crew, the other Baroque Works agents who came to kill Vivi noted that the crew now knows the leader's name as well, and gets put on their wanted list. They all escape with the help of Igaram, who infiltrated the organization with her. After hopping through a few islands they reach Alabasta. Not one to turn down an exciting adventure where he gets to help out a new friend and kick Shichibukai butt, Luffy gladly agrees to help her. With great struggles and sacrifices, Vivi and the Mugiwara crew save the kingdom. Throughout their journey together Vivi becomes very close with the crew, and she is invited to join them. However, Vivi painfully decides that as much as she wants to wants to go with them, her duties as a princess come first.